Its a Southern Thing


I was born in the North, but my family moved to Texas when I was around three and I grew up in four of the various southern states since then.  I have a distinct accent and if I typed like I speak, then every other word would contain an apostrophe from all the dropped letters at the ends of my words.

That being said, I grew up in mostly big cities or suburbs of big cities.  It was an extreme case of city mouse/country mouse when I married the Hillbilly and literally moved out to his very rural neck-of-the-woods.  The culture-shock and navigation of this completely different and rural South is really what this blog will be about.  Its been over 15 years and I think the trauma has abated enough to find the humor in these experiences.

I hope to share my adventures through the stories, photography, music, crafts, and recipes I’ve amassed during my life here.  Some of these may have been published previously on another blog I authored several years ago.  I made the newbie mistake of “over-sharing” some personal details and needed to shut it down due to gaining some unwanted attention.  I missed sharing and found myself mentally composing posts as events took place.  So here I am with you now attempting a new and improved blog 2.0.


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DISCLAIMER:  Southern pride as a whole has come under attack in the past few years in a misguided umbrella debate regarding the Confederate flag and its historical associations. This isn’t intended as a forum for discussion of US History or a political/social awareness.  I realize the South still has its flaws, but I love it here and wouldn’t live anywhere else. 

Like the South, I too have my flaws.  I know I’m not as socially aware as the quickly-evolving landscape of public-opinion would like everyone to be.  I do try, but I’m not going to do a 20-minute analysis of each sentence to make sure it won’t offend any individual or culture. If I do offend, I’m open to education with respectful communication, but abuse and belligerence aren’t welcome here.





    1. Could you ever go back to living in a small southern town? While I miss some of the conveniences, I wouldn’t being happy moving back to a large city and having to deal with the crowds and traffic.


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