Lightening the Load

Today’s post is more or less a reflection and a forecast, presenting things I haven’t mentioned yet and what I plan to feature here in the next week or so…a weekly update.

First, what’s coming up.  As I sit here at 9am, the house is already filled with the fragrance of a crock pot recipe for Butter Chicken (or Murgh Makani). This is an experiment for myself and the family, as none of us has ever tried Indian food before. The Hillbilly had never even had Chinese food…or tried rice…before our third date.  He loves it now, especially Sesame Chicken (which I’ll post the recipe for someday).  The Basmati rice I have for tonight will also be a new experience for us all.  I don’t anticipate the Boy even attempting a bite, but the Hillbilly will look at it funny, ask me what it is and what’s in it, to ensure I didn’t try to sneak in any carrots. I’ll update you on the verdict tomorrow when I post the recipe.

I mention this story because when I started this blog a couple weeks ago, I had anticipated just posting my tried-and-true recipes, good Southern cooking, simple things that anyone could prepare. But I’ve found myself wanting to attempt new things and increase my own knowledge as well!  So, I’m going to push myself and part of that is I’ll even share my failures.

I don’t have a posting schedule in mind at this point, but I do know that on Thursdays, I’m going to try to do a #TBT Throwback Thursday piece and reprint a post from my previous blog, circa 2010.

I’d also like to start throwing in some musical posts.  I used to do a blogger assignment called Twisted Mixtape Tuesdays that was hosted by Jen Kehl.  She’d give a “theme” and we’d pick and post 5 (or more occasionally) songs that we felt fit the theme.  I loved doing this!  I may resurrect this to do on my own or maybe combine with my #TBT post and print one of my previous mixtapes.

Now, about the past…I’ve been under quite a bit of stress the past couple months, not only due to my torn rotator cuff, but also because the Hillbilly was laid off from his job of 17 years.  With his severance pay and the ten weeks of vacation pay they had to give us, we’ve been fine financially, but the loss of insurance came at one of the worst possible times.  I’ve been having to do my physical therapy at home, which has been easy enough, but some other health issues needed attention.

I finally started the process through the healthcare Marketplace a couple weeks ago. We were just approved and made the first month’s payment about three days ago and I was waiting on the welcome package with our cards so I could make some doctor appointments.  Then this morning, a company the Hillbilly interviewed with over 6 weeks ago called and made him an offer that he accepted.  He starts in a couple weeks. This is great, but also pushes back being able to make my appointments because I don’t really want to use this interim insurance if I don’t have to.  I’d rather not deal with multiple claims from different companies.  Even I’m not organized or patient enough for that.


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