WTF Amazon?

Welcome to what may be the first in a series of posts I call “WTF Amazon?”

So there I was on Amazon, innocently checking out the dimensions for the new KitchenAid stand mixer that the Hillbilly said I could order (after the Kentucky Butter Cake unveiling**).  I was trying to decide if I’d leave it in a place of pride on my counter or store it in one of the cabinets.  I happened to scroll past the “suggested related items” and did a double-take.

Did you know you can buy a Bone Expander Kit for use in installing dental implants???

bone expander kit
DIY Teethes-Fixer

First, how does this relate to a kitchen appliance? And second, why go to an educated specialist when you can do-it-yourself at home?

Rednecks rejoice!!  Just use this gadget to drill up into your sinus cavities and with the simple instructions I’m sure can be found somewhere on the internet, save thousands on replacing those teeth that have rotted out or been lost at some point after saying, “Hey Bubba…watch this!”

In other news…this week I’ll have (hopefully) my recipes for Peach Cobbler, Country French Chicken, Louisiana Red Beans and Rice and a surprise (to me) recipe.  For my #TBT Throwback Thursday, I’ll reprint a post about what it takes to adopt a dog in these here parts and maybe a throw random post on…something else to be determined when I think of it.

signature 2

**I know he had visions of all the future cakes, cookies, pies, cobblers, trifles, brownies, and puddings I could make for him…which may or may not have been mentioned by me.  His first two requests are peach cobbler and banana pudding, both easy enough to make without a brand new mixer, but that tidbit of information was definitely left out of the conversation.

edited disclaimer:  Since posting, I’ve discovered that there’s actually a reddit of this title’s same name.  My blog is in no way affiliated with the reddit and is an unintentional duplication of the name and premise.


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