Crafty Pilgrimage

On Friday, I made my semi-annual trip to JOANNE, my favorite fabric and craft store.  The closest one is about a 45-minute trip away in the nearest “big” city in an extremely congested area, so I really don’t enjoy the traffic mess trying to get there.  I try to space my trips for different seasons to add or replace my home decorations or in the case of this trip, stock up on supplies for winter craft projects.

I can very easily spend a small fortune in these types of places, so I try to time my visits to take advantage of sales on the items I need.  This time, I needed a “fall” wreath for my front door.  I also wanted to get some yarn for a couple blankets to crochet and some prop/decor items for the pictures that go along with my recipe posts.  This included some artificial flowers, candles, and knick-knacks.  I had also thought to grab some fabric to use instead of place mats and I was lucky enough to find some remnants on clearance.

With all the 40/50/60 % off discounts, I ended up with quite a haul for under $200.00!  To be honest, there was a lot more that I wanted but restrained myself from adding to my cart.  As it is, I’m running out of room to stash everything.  I wonder if the Hillbilly would be receptive to adding on a room to the house for all my craft supplies?

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