Pretty Little Teacup

I am not now, nor have I ever been what people would call a “girly” girl.  Ruffles, floral prints, pastels…no, thank you.  I have one piece of basic clothing that isn’t a solid color, given to me through a Secret Santa thing by someone that didn’t even know me.  Accessories, such as scarves or socks, maybe a print or two, but usually something simple like stripes or polka dots.

In aesthetics, I like sturdy, bold lines.  My furniture is all very…big, overstuffed and solid.  No daintiness, filigree or fancifulness.  All neutral colors or jewel tones.

So why when I was cruising through Amazon one day, did I become captivated with this little teacup?  Its not “me” at all.  I like tea, but I’m not what one would call an aficionado.  I put it on one of my lists to come back to later.

Every time I’ve place an order, I’ve looked at this teacup.  I even researched it a bit to see what it was about it that fascinated me.  The pattern is by Royal Albert and is called Old Country Roses.  From the Royal Albert site:

Designed by Harold Holdcroft in 1962, Old Country Roses was inspired by a typical English country garden with flowers in bloom and is recognized by its signature clusters of roses in deep red, bright pink and warm yellow, offset by brilliant stippled gold rims and accents. Made from pure white bone china, the pattern features a flamboyant, curvaceous fluted shape, with twisting, curling handles.

Old Country Roses is appreciated around the world and enjoys and ardent following of loyal consumers, making it the world’s best selling china pattern.

So at least I’m not alone in its appreciation.

I looked at the other pieces in the collection and…nothing.  No other pieces interested me like this teacup did.  So I looked at some other teacups in different Royal Albert patterns and there it was.  I ended up finding more I yearned for.

I’ve never been a collector.  The Hillbilly and the Boy collect coins and antique tractors.  My dad collected matchbooks.  I’ve know collectors of spoons, stamps, shot glasses, or salt & pepper shakers, but in 50 (plus) years, I’ve never had any interest.  Until now.

So I hit the “add to cart” button on Amazon and began my teacup and saucer collection.

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  1. I collected glass for a long time. Time to sell it. He collected Philco Radios. Now I’m trying to sell them. He collected Ford cars. I’m keeping a few. I have 2 antique tractors. 1942? Ford 8N and a 1933 Farmall F12

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    1. Glass sounds like an interesting collection. I’ve seen a lot of craftsy painted mason jars that I’d like to try to make. That could also be an unintentional collection of mine…half-finished craft projects.

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  2. I love this! I have had a similar experience. I too am not very girly, but recently the color “coral pink” has really caught my eye. Growing up I never liked any color of pink, in fact I would avoid it, but lately that vivid pink color has been catching my eye.
    I’m glad you bought the teacup since it brings you joy 😀

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  3. I’m not very girlie, either… mostly because I’m a guy; but, I can see why you like the teacup. The colors are fantastic as is the art-work. My recommendation is to order a coffee cup with a pithy saying like “Life’s a Beach”; then, you can tell people that you have a collection…

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