#TBT – Dog Days

Here’s a Throwback Thursday post of a blog I did somewhere around 2010:

One of my first blog posts was about my search for a new family dog.  My husband and I finally had to agree to disagree and in compromise we’ll be getting two dogs, one for him that will live outside and one as an indoor pet for me.

The one thing we both do agree on is that we’ll be adopting our pets from a shelter or rescue organization.  His specifications are a little (okay, a lot!) more detailed than mine and thus more difficult to find. So, I’ve been scouring the local classifieds, as well as http://www.petfinders.com for a male, blond/buff Cocker Spaniel, 1-3 years old for the husband.

Yesterday, I found him. The. Perfect. Dog.

I also found out that I could adopt a child from a third-world country quicker and with less red tape.  The shelter won’t even let us come visit the dog and check its temperament until our application is reviewed and approved.  Which they told me this morning usually takes about a week.  A week?  For a dog?  Seriously?

In addition to the questions you’d expect, they also want to know how many hours a day will the dog be alone, what will you do with it when you go on vacation, how much will you spend a year on its care and medical expenses, what training methods will you use, what brand of food will you feed it, what will you do in the event of bad behavior or extensive medical costs…OMG!!!  Writing my college entrance essays took less time than filling out their application.  Plus they wanted two references and a vet’s recommendation.

I’m all for being careful so they go to a good home, but gone are the days where you went to the shelter, fell in love with a dog and it was in your car on its way to his new house within the hour.  No wonder the animal shelters are constantly begging for donations because of overcrowding.

I jumped through all their hoops, so hopefully I’ll be bringing our new baby home next week.

Author’s note:  We did end up getting the dog and he was the perfect dog, even if he ended up being more my dog than the husband’s.

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    1. I actually went to one a couple hours away. That’s where he was, but also our local shelter doesn’t test the dogs for heartworms before letting them be adopted. The hound dog we adopted from them was eat up with heartworms. it was a 3 month, very expensive treatment that he almost didn’t make it through alive. He made it and he’s a really good boy, but I couldn’t go through that again.

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