Kitchen Remodel, Part Deux

Continued from my kitchen remodel post part one, Linoleum of Gold

Day 2, Saturday

9:00 am: My eyes are extra gritty due to the fine layer of sawdust that now coats almost everything for three rooms surrounding the kitchen. The Boy wakes with puffy red eyes and nose, with bodily fluids leaking from both. The Hillbilly is not his usual cheerful self, dreading the day’s continued project.

10:00 am: After our morning meal of a lip full of tobacco for the Hillbilly and cold pizza for me and the Boy, they go off to make their morning visit to the MIL. Half an hour later, they return and start the process of building our new floor. The Boy now looks like he’s ready to rob an old West train after I tied a bandana around his nose and mouth.

12:30 pm: Another trip to Lowe’s for more plywood to replace another stud due to some damage that was hidden. I suggest they also get some real masks so the Boy will stop getting snot all over my bandana.

2:00 pm: Return from Lowe’s, gets first 2×4 measured and cut. Drives in first screw and the phone rings. It’s the MIL claiming she sees smoke coming from the back of her house.

5:00 pm: Finishes laying the plywood layer and begins cutting and placing the OSB.  Still no access to sink, water or stove to cook anything, so make an executive decision to run to Mickey D’s to bring home some dinner. Added bonus of getting to escape the madhouse for an hour.

7:00 pm: Flooring construction complete. We make a procedural decision to leave the floor for now and replace the kitchen faucet so the water can be turned back on. Removal of everything in the sink cabinet reveals significant soakage of the cabinet base. Ugh, never fails.

8:00 pm:  New faucet in place, working and water running.  Decision made to wait til Sunday morning to install the linoleum and we shut down the job site for the evening.sawmill

Day 3, Sunday

The next morning we’re all in sleeping late and in slow motion.  The male-type people go get sausage biscuits and some Krispy Kremes before getting started.  I look out on the porch and it looks like a sawmill out there.

10:00 am:  Starts spreading glue and putting in the first row of linoleum.  I’m rejoicing inside as the end is in sight!

1:00 pm:  All the floor covering is in and my porch is back to being…a porch. If I weren’t on medication, I’d have a beer at this point.  We decide to just leave the refrigerator in the dining room until the new one is delivered to reduce the risk of tearing up another linoleum floor.

Its at this point the Hillbilly says something about the blue floor.

Me:  BLUE?!?!?!

Hillbilly:  Yeah, blue.

Me:  No, its slate gray.

Hillbilly:  Looks blue to me.

Me:  Nope, dark gray.

After he leaves and I walk into the middle of the room, I notice under the fluorescent kitchen lights, that it is gray…and blue.  WTF?

So now we have a blueish floor and a green wall, which part of runs back into the alcove where the new fridge will go.  This won’t do.

Luckily, we have almost a month before its delivered, so I begin negotiations with the Hillbilly to paint that wall the same off-white that the dining room will be.  This also means I’ll have to make new curtains for the two windows in the kitchen that both have green in them.  Next weekend, hopefully, he’ll get that painted and can then put all the baseboards back on.  On the plus side, if that wall goes to that lighter colored off-white, we won’t need to stain the cabinets.

Some of you may be wondering, why did I pick such a dark shade of linoleum and why did I order a black refrigerator?  Its because my two mechanically-inclined male-persons refuse to be trained to thoroughly clean their hands and shoes before entering the kitchen or the house even.  So, my 13-year old appliances are grease-stained beyond the point that even bleach can get out.  I vowed never again.  The same decision-making went into the flooring as well.  I’m too old to be on my knees scrubbing ground in motor oil and grease from their work boots.

I’d originally planned to get the fingerprint-resistant stainless for the new fridge (and eventually stove replacement), but the model I wanted wasn’t offered with that finish.  It was either white (no way in hell), regular stainless (almost as bad as white), or black.  Black it is!

Its now Monday morning and its my turn to work.  Everything in the kitchen has to be wiped down, the old rugs need to be vacuumed and/or washed and I have to sort through everything that was under the kitchen sink (some items for 13 years or more) and re-organize that cabinet.  Then the two rooms that connect to it, dining room and living room, also need the same treatment because the sawdust generated by the removal of the floor studs is literally everywhere!

Our next project won’t begin until November when we need to paint the dining room.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I chose Harvest Gold and planned for the room to be Tuscan themed!  Sticking with neutrals from here on out.

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