Sashay Crochet

I mentioned in a post a couple weeks ago that I had stocked up on yarn for some winter projects.  I started the first one that day, finally making something for myself.

We purchased a new set of living room furniture last year and it came with some really (really) nice accent pillows in gray, white and yellow.  They went directly into protective plastic storage containers and stored away in the hall closet so they’d stay pretty and safe from the other 2-footed and 4-footed members of the household.  I Afghan YellowGrayWhitebring them back out when we have guests.  So, to match the pillows, I began making a super-size afghan for the couch.

I didn’t intend for it to be as long as its going to be.  I was following a pattern out of an old book of projects I had and I had gotten about 5 rows in when we decided to measure it.  Nine feet…WTF!  That’s almost twice my height!  In the picture, there’s a three-color set of stripes which will be repeated three times.  After I took the picture, I finished the first white set and started on the second yellow.  I hope to have it finished sometime in October.  Its simple enough too, using an alternating combination of single and double crochet stitches.

Its nice that even as big as this one will be, its going quickly.  Two people that saw this picture have requested smaller versions for themselves.  I have a feeling I’m going to be very busy crocheting over the next few months.

Due to my kitchen chaos over the past week, my cooking, baking and recipe schedule was thrown off track.  I do have a Throwback Thursday post scheduled for tomorrow and a nice Chicken and Rice dish for later this week though.  I’ll have some time to myself on Saturday while the Hillbilly and Boy are gone to a hobbyist show, so I hope to be able to attempt baking some bread and share that experience here.

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      1. Now, her thing is fostering stray dogs and cats. I was over there last weekend and she had the ugliest pug I’d ever seen… it looked like the larval version of Mothra. The dog is missing an eye and its mouth is kind of weird. She kind of reminds one of a little old lady with a stole around her neck.

        And, wherever I sat, there were dogs wanting attention. They almost paid more attention to my crotch than the TSA agents that groped me before my flights…

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      1. That’s why I make baby blankets. I hold one end in my right hand, stretch my arm out and when my foundation row touches my nose when my head it turned all the way to the left…..(watches her forehead wrinkle as she tries to picture this)…..then I’m good.

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