#TBT – Out of the Mouths…

I had a whole different idea of what I was going to post today from my old blog, but life threw me a curve ball yesterday afternoon, changing things to something that relates to my current reality.

The phone rings yesterday afternoon with my son’s school coming up on the caller ID.  Usually this means he’s sick and I have to go pick him up.  Not this time.

The Boy is normally well-behaved in school…its only at home that he’s a typical, teenage hormone-fueled terror machine.  So I was surprised when it was his Assistant Principal calling to inform me my son was involved in food fight in the cafeteria and he’s been given a one day in-school suspension.

Things are different in this county than where I went to school.  They have a special school for the whole district where “suspended” kids spend their days.  Luckily its not too far away, because kids have to provide their own transportation (no bus service), BUT they can’t drive their own vehicles. So I got the joy of taking him this morning and will need to pick him up this afternoon…in the rain.

Now, this “food fight” consisted of a slice of cheese being tossed around and a carton of milk being poured on my boy.  The school considered that a “major disruption” and he got punished just like the instigators for being involved.  I’m feeling a little Mama Bear-ish.  Grrr!

The fact that he did get in trouble warrants some kind of punishment though, but I To Do Listreally didn’t want to make it too horrible.  So, I came up with something that also benefits me!  Instead of immediately heading to the garage when he gets home from school for the next week, he has to help me with the housework.  I think this is a great solution on two levels:  He can help me get the dining room cleaned up of all the overflow we stashed there while doing the kitchen construction and he gets the opportunity to learn how to do certain chores, such as laundry, dusting, and maybe some food prep.

We attempted dusting yesterday after we discussed the whole incident.  I told him to spray some Pledge on an end table and he tried to empty the whole can on it.  I can see I’m going to have my work cut out for me.

The following is from a post I did on my old blog sometime in 2011:

My Son Said…

As my 10-year old son was preparing to go to bed the other night he was in the living room in just a t-shirt and his underwear.  The following is the conversation between him and his daddy:

Daddy jokes:  Do your drawers have streaks?  (must be a male thing)

Son (turning around and showing his dark colored underwear with horizontal pinstripes):  No, mine have stripes.

Daddy:  Well how’d you get that to happen?

Son:  I dunno…I must have talented poop.


Son:  I want to watch the show with the little girl.

Me:  What show?

Son:  The one where the she farts.

It finally dawned on me after seeing one of the promos that he’s talking about the freakshow that goes by the name of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (or something like that).  I feel my IQ points drop every time the ad comes on.  The only draw I can see to watching that show is for someone to feel better about their own life and family.  Its the popularity of programs like this that convince me that we as a society are moving one step closer to Idiocracy.


Me:  Ready for dinner?

Son:  What’s my choices?

Me:  Grilled cheese or hot dogs.

Son:  What’s my other choice?

Me:  Grilled cheese or hot dogs.

Son:  Neither, I’m not hungry.

(20 minutes later)

Son:  What’s for dinner?

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    1. At the time, the talented poop thing almost killed me. I kept picturing a turd in top hat with a cane tap dancing to “hello my honey, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gaaaaaaal…” just like the WB frog.

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  1. I told him to spray some Pledge on an end table and he tried to empty the whole can on it. I can see I’m going to have my work cut out for me.<—-If I do it badly or totally wrong, they won't ask me to do it again because it's just more work for them. Uh uh Sparky. Do it right. GOOD LUCK!!!


    1. Under normal circumstances, I’d think that too and call him on it. But, and I don’t know where he got this idea, he said he was spraying until it changed color. I still don’t know what that means.

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