Four-Footed Lawsuit

I have this annoyingly glaring safety orange and black sign staked out in front of the sidewalk that leads to the front door.  It screams, “BEWARE OF DOG“.

Considering there are packs of neighbors’ dogs roaming around the area, strangers may sit momentarily in their vehicles contemplating which it is they should be wary of.  Never suspecting, that its the cute, little fur-ball of a spaniel, usually straining at the end of his tether and barking his head off. I, personally, would assume it would be the one making the most noise.  For some reason, other people don’t and continue, even with the warning sign, to approach said dog, spewing baby-talk, with their hands out to try to pet him.

Chipper grooming.png
~Wouldn’t you try to pet me too?~

Bad mistake.  People…you were warned!

He is extremely protective of “his” porch and of me.  Which is going to end up with us being the defendant in a lawsuit some day.

If, on the slight chance, he lets you pet him without trying to take off your hand, or at least a finger, then don’t turn your back on him.   Just back away slowly.  When I hear the commotion outside, I go out and instruct them to do just that.  Do they listen?  No.  They turn away…and that’s when he goes for their ankles.

He has a “reputation” at the only pizza place that will deliver out here.  Luckily, we tip well.

When he’s away from his porch or home, he’s usually a different animal.  He plays, lets people touch him and even sits on their laps to get petted.

Usually.  Unless someone tries to hurt him…or take a toy he’s playing with…or touch his feet.  Like most groomers.  We’ve been “politely” asked not to come back to two of them so far.  So I was a little concerned when we were trying a new one this past weekend.  I warned the woman (and her boyfriend that helps her) profusely and told her to use a muzzle if necessary.  The little Judas fell in love with her boyfriend.  The hell-hound even allowed him to pick him up and carry him around. Traitor!

On the upside, at least we found a new groomer.

signature 2

P.S. – No, we do not leave him on the tether all day, because yes, I know how that can affect a dog’s behavior.  He’s an indoor dog and he’s only tethered for his bathroom breaks when I can’t walk him.



    1. When I was a kid, a friend and I were playing in her back yard and a strange dog came into the area. Fluffy and cute, she was petting it when it turned for some reason and attacked her. It also went for her eye area and required stitches. Scared me to no end. It’s why I still don’t really trust this one to be unrestrained and post warnings.

      I’d really rather people just stay away from him than risk someone getting hurt. He’s sweet and adorable with us and he’s never even growled, but I don’t trust him either strangers


      1. I’m scared to have a dog like that around. I had a black lhaso/pom cross. He was the same way. Till a g/f of my friend showed up. He LOVED her. I gave him to her. She pampered him to NO END. and he was a good dog for her with no worries. Me? I didn’t trust him.

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  1. Okay, there was a rude comment left, which I replied to with equal (possibly more) rudeness.

    As the blog owner, I made an executive decision to delete that whole conversation as it wasn’t what I want this blog to be about. In the future, I’ll moderate comments more stringently to avoid similar issues.


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