#TBT – Guerilla Salvation

The following is a #TBT Throwback Thursday post of an item I wrote on a former blog around 2010-ish.  Enjoy!

Between birth and around age 24, I was exposed to a lot of different religious belief systems: Presbyterian, Methodist, Catholic, Jewish, (Southern)Baptist and after college, many of the Asian religions. I eventually rejected organized religion and based my faith on a personal relationship between myself and God and even though it sounds like a casual thing, I do take it seriously.

I married a lapsed Baptist that doesn’t attend services. We both agreed that we’d like for our child to learn of God, Jesus and the Bible and be able to make his own decisions when he’s older about his own faith.

So it doesn’t bother me that he occasionally goes with my MIL to her Baptist church or that he’s attending a Vacation Bible School this week at another church with some of the other local kids. All this is fine and even encouraged.

What does bother me is that my son came home yesterday and announced he’s been Saved. Its not him I’m angry with because with his limited exposure to Christian beliefs, he doesn’t understand what it truly means.

Its the leader of the youth organization that’s running the VBS for his underhanded tactics of addressing this with my son when neither his father or I were there. All my 7-year old guy knew was that “all the other kids were doing it”. I casually asked him a few basic questions about what being Saved means or that Jesus died for our sins and he was clueless.

I’m livid that a youth leader would stoop to sneaky tactics like letting an child make an uninformed spiritual decision. Its these types of behaviors that caused a rift between me and church life. It took everything I had to be nonchalant and not let my feelings about this wash over onto my child because at this age, I don’t want him to be influenced by negativity in relation to religion. There’s enough time for him to develop that on his own later in life.

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PS – My son attended another event there just this past summer and at 16 years old, got saved again, by the same youth pastor.  And he still doesn’t understand its true meaning.


  1. My brother went to what he thought was a youth center near Memphis, Tennessee. He came back with Chick Tracts and said that he was saved… AND that I was going to Hell because I wasn’t. But, it didn’t last very long… a year later, he was drinking, skipping school and riding my father’s motorcycle at night without his permission…

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