All the Pretty Colors

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the fall foliage.  But it is something just as exciting, at least to me.  The various yarns I’ve ordered over the past couple weeks to prepare for my winter hibernation projects are starting to trickle in.

Today’s shipment was a complete surprise.  The FedEx truck pulled up and I got my first of the 4-ish packages that should be arriving.

This shipment was from and contained Red Heart brand’s With Love yarn.  Its so soft!  In addition to the colors shown, I also got a nice selection of white and eggshell to use as the base for baby blankets.Joanne Yarn 1

I dusted off my stitch dictionary yesterday and now I need to start planning out my projects.  I already have two of the gift projects scheduled and I have all the yarn for those.  I just need to decide on patterns or stitches.

I decided this year to alternate projects, one for gifts and one that I can sell.  This way I can at least recoup some of the costs of the yarn.  There are a few craft fairs in the area and I thought I’d also look into Etsy.  If anyone uses that, I was wondering…does the buyer’s payment go through the site or is it taken care of privately between the buyer and seller?

I have plenty to keep me busy during the next few months now that isn’t dependent on electricity or DSL for when those snow storms come through and knock out our power lines!  Crocheting by candlelight, welcome to the 1800s.

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