I’ve been shamefully neglectful of my site lately.  When not sleeping and trying to catch up on the rest I’ve been missing since the Hillbilly started his new job, I’ve been:

  • Spending my online time signing up for and making the selections for all the spiffy new benefits that come with that job.  Insurance, 401K and a host of other goodies, each of which take roughly 4 hours each navigating the individual websites, reading the specifics of the various choices and putting our plans together.  Its been like a devious electronic maze and I get to be the rat…got any cheeeeese??? (If you read that in Urkel’s voice, 10 points to you!)
  • Since our insurance is now back in effect, I’ve been scheduling and going to the doctors’ appointments I missed over the three months we didn’t have insurance.  As a hermit/homebody, its exhausting trying to do all this in such a short time frame.
  • Another appointment I kept just this week…I’m still having shoulder issues, of course, but its getting more and more difficult to keep my shaggy mess of hair cleaned and tended.  I’d previously chopped it off from waist-length to shoulder-length when my shoulder was almost completely frozen after the injury first cropped up.  Even that was still too much, so I just went crazy and got rid of most of it.  Shaved at the neck and 1-2″ in length over the rest.  Its a change.  I keep reaching up to remove my hair clip…but its not there and neither is the hair for that matter.

    Granny Blanket
    An afghan for a friend
  • I’ve also been busy (read:  frantically) crocheting items for Christmas prezzies for friends and family.  I have about 5 projects in progress and even though I try to work on them in the order I’ll need to have them finished, I get easily sidetracked.  Hopefully I’ll have them all done in time.  In addition to all those projects, I got a rush order for two baby blankets someone wants to gift to a mom-to-be who was due to give birth “any day now”.  Those were the first ones I worked on and finished, so they could be gifted sometime before the kid goes to college.John Deere blanket
  • I’ve also been spending time looking for a new Jeep.  I’m currently in a 20-year old Grand Cherokee.  I still love it, but its time for an upgrade.  I’d really like to have the whole adventure over and done with before Thanksgiving to make the 800-mile (round trip) journey, but for some reason, I just can’t get excited about the process.
  • The delivery date for our new refrigerator keeps being postponed by the manufacturer.  It looks like I’m going to have to go back to the store and cancel that order.  They’ve already said we could apply what we’ve already paid to a new selection and pay the difference if necessary.  Another thing I can’t get excited about enough to actually go to the store.

    Gator Blanket
    Baby Blanket 2 (The mom is a fan)


All this in addition to finding new homes for the two puppies we had, finishing the kitchen remodel so we can begin cleaning the dining room before we host Christmas this year and needing to attend all the holiday functions that abound in November and December.  Then there’s also prepping gift lists, sending out Christmas cards, and wrapping all the gifts.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

Can we please just sit here a minute? 

signature 2


  1. I’m tired thinking about all you have to do as well. I used to be that way… holidays were huge occasions preceded by massive decorating, shopping, cooking, wrapping, planning etc. But over the last few years, I’ve just lost the urge. So much money, time and stress. We’ve cut way back, do less and are actually happier.

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    1. We try to alternate the Thanksgivings/Christmas holidays between our sides of the family, but when its our turn to stay home for Christmas and host, we need to have two celebrations. One the day of for the Hillbilly’s family who is all local. Another two days after for my family that comes in to visit. So its like double the work. I’m getting to the point of just buying gift cards for everyone I don’t make something for.

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