About Sunny

  • Sunny is a pseudonym used so I can express myself without reprisals from family or neighbors in the very small community where I live.
  • Proud owner of one husband (the Hillbilly) and one 16 year-old son (the Boy)  who think magic elves sneak in to clean things when they aren’t looking.
  • Self-proclaimed Queen of the Run-On Sentence.
  • The “…” (ellipsis) is my BFF.
  • I will violate any grammar rule with extreme prejudice if it means I can express a thought or idea better in my “voice”.
  • I geek out over:  science fiction and paranormal media, especially Game of Thrones, James Bond and The Godfather movies, psychological mystery novels, and the Marvel cinematic universe.
  • I have super tender feet and never leave the house barefoot.
  • In addition to food, water, and shelter…music is vital to my existence.

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